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Dreams are answers to questions we are afraid to ask.

7 April
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Well, for starters, you should know that I'm an avid, crazy fan of Super Junior. However, I do NOT consider myself an ELF because ELFs support 13 members. I support 15 - the original 13 plus to two SuJu M members, Zhou Mi and Henry Lau.

Next, I love to write, however, I’ve been in a writers block slump for a quite a while now. But just recently, due to a series of hilarious role-plays between me and a good friend (of which I cannot disclose) I have picked myself out of the slump and I’m attempting to write again. My feelings and or random questions, sentences and whatnot may appear here and I may ask for your help.

What now? *thinks* Yeah. I gots nuthin’. Oh, however I do give you this warning. You try to use text talk, bad grammar, poor punctuation, etc. with ANY of my stuff, I’ll more than likely bite your head off. That is all. Good day.